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Dear Orange County Members,

On January 12 our Masters in Trial got 2018 off to a great start. The MIT, coordinated through the ABOTA Foundation, took place at Chapman Law School. There were approximately 70 lawyers and 20 law students that observed a broad spectrum of trial skill styles and techniques, while gaining MCLE at the same time. The event was chaired by Jeff Braun and Pam Liosi. The presenters for the plaintiff team were Linda Bauermeister, Kim Valentine, Ed Leonard and Gerald Klein. The presenters for the defense team were Chris Wesierski, Deb Tropp, Jeff Braun, Bill Haggerty, Dave Brobeck and Mark Robinson. Retired judge Mary Schulte presided over the trial. Feedback indicates everyone loved it.

Our annual Installation Dinner took place on January 27 at the Lyon Air Museum. There were approximately 190 attendees. Special dignitaries included 2018 National President Cynthia McGuinn, 2019 National President Elect (our own) Mike Maguire, 2018 Cal-ABOTA President Bill Smith, 20 sitting and assigned superior court judges and 20 past chapter presidents. The food and drink was great, the band better and the comradery was the best.

On February 5 we had our New Member/Mentor Cocktail Party at the Center Club. There were approximately 5-6 new members that attended to mix and mingle with long time members and the Executive Committee. The goal is to introduce new members to each other and to long term members; get new blood acquainted with what the chapter does and get them involved; and, get leads on possible new members to target. The event was chaired by Chris Wesierski. It was a pleasant success.

If you know any prospects to recommend for consideration to join our Chapter, please contact Membership Chair Bill Haggerty or any Board Member.

Plans for the Spring Dinner are still being developed. We'll let you know more when details are firmed up.

Get involved in the best ABOTA chapter in the country.

Mike Strickroth
Orange County Chapter President 2018

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