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In my opinion, Orange County ABOTA is the best ABOTA chapter in the country. In 2018 we did a lot, and had fun along the way.

A partial list of notable accomplishments this year includes:
  • Growing the chapter membership to 236, with 3 transfers and 9 new members with diverse backgrounds
  • The Gala Installation Dinner at the Lyon Air Museum
  • Masters in Trial Program at Chapman Law School
  • New Member-Mentor Cocktail Party at the Center Club
  • Monthly Presiding Judge's Breakfast Club meetings
  • Spring Dinner at the Red O
  • The OC ABOTA Golf Tournament at the Mission Viejo Country Club
  • Courthouse Steps Reception at the Center Club
  • Revision of the Orange County Chapter Bylaws
  • Journalist Law School sponsorship
  • Contribution to the Foundation for Democracy and Justice
  • Law School Post-Grad Fellowship Program
  • Foundation Fundraiser at the Robinson home
  • Rapid Response Team for unfair judicial criticism
  • Teachers Law School in conjunction with the Orange County Dept. of Education
  • Judges Night at the Pacific Club
  • Involvement with CRF activities-Constitution Day, Peer Court, Mock Trial
  • Holiday Party at Muldoon's
  • Presentation of Mendez v. Westminster School District at Mendez Intermediate School
  • Monthly Executive Committee Meetings
  • Monthly Chapter Newsletter
  • 2018 Cal-ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year-Chris Wesierski
  • 2019 ABOTA National President-Mike Maguire
There are many reasons for our success-the most significant being an active and involved membership led by a hard-working and dedicated Executive Committee.

Those on the Executive Committee include:
  • Peter Polos-President Elect
  • Judge Nancy Zeltzer-Treasurer
  • Jeff Braun- Secretary
  • Bill Haggerty-Membership Chair
  • Yoshi Kubota-Member at Large
  • Sean Burke- National Rep
  • Doug DeGrave-National Rep and Foundation Trustee
  • Eric Traut-National Rep
  • Deb Tropp-National Rep
  • Chris Wesierski-National Rep
  • Judge Linda Marks-Past President
  • Rob Gibson-Past President
  • Ed Leonard-Past President
  • Gary Gregor-Past President
  • Tom Dillard-Past President
  • Mark Robinson-Past President
When you see these folks give a shout out to them for a great year and, more importantly, get involved yourself. I see great things for our chapter in the future. It has been an honor and privilege to be your 2018 Chapter President.

Mike Strickroth
OC ABOTA President 2018

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