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Peter Polos On behalf of OC-ABOTA, I wanted to thank everyone who made it our Annual Installation Dinner at the Newport Beach Country Club on January 26th. The event was a huge success with over 200 people attending. Our Presiding Judge Kirk Nakamura as well as the Assistant Presiding Judge Erick Larsh were there along with more than 20 current and retired Superior Court Judges. Further, National President Michael Maguire, The CAL-ABOTA President Bryan Reid, the LA Chapter President Robert Morganstern and 15 past OC-ABOTA Presidents were in attendance. I wanted to thank our sponsors once again for helping out with the great night: Judicate West; CaseAdvance; Executive Presentations; High Impact; Jane Riley-Pugh; Quest Settlements; Tower Interpreting; Tristar Investigations; Veritext Court Reporting; Panish, Shea & Boyle, LLP; Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.; Arash Khorsandi; and Siamak Vaziri. Finally, congratulations to Rob Gibson, our Civility Award winner, and Terry Schafer, our Chapter Trial Lawyer of the Year.

Now, down to business. National ABOTA has sounded the alarm for our organization. We need new, diverse and younger members. Per National, our membership is aging, and the number of new members is now only slowly outpacing the ones retiring from practice. National has made it their priority to recruit qualified, new, younger and diverse members. Therefore, we have made it our priority this year to identify those potential members who are qualified now and who can qualify in the near future. We have an ad hoc diversity committee that works hand in hand with our membership chair on seeking out qualified candidates. However, the main work needs to be done by you, the members.

My call to action for our membership this year is twofold:
  1. We need assistance identifying new, qualified and diverse members for now and in the future. We also need assistance getting new lawyers qualified for ABOTA.
  2. We need your help with all the ABOTA programs. The best way to do that is to join the Foundation or upgrade your rank in the Foundation with a further donation. The Foundation funding is what allows our Chapter, CAL-ABOTA, and National to fund programs. Our goal this year is to increase foundation membership to at least 70% of our members.
As for other matters, the Leadership Conference took place at Monarch Beach Resort on January 17th and was very well attended. At the National meeting, our very own Michael Maguire was installed as National President. It was a great event and very well attended. OC-ABOTA also has a strong presence in CAL-ABOTA as our Past President (and 2018 TLOY Winner) Chris Wesierski is the President Elect. He has planned a great trip to Hawaii in November and many have already signed up. If you are planning on going, I would sign up now as it is usually a sell out. This year it is being held on Kauai at the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa. 2018 President Michael Strickroth passing the gavel to 2019 President Peter Polos

Please add to your calendars our scheduled events for the year:
  • Spring Dinner - Red O - April 17
  • Golf Tournament - Mission Viejo CC - May 13
  • Judges Night - Pacific Club - October 16
  • Holiday Party - Muldoons - December 2
I look forward to seeing everyone at these events.

Hon. Peter J. Polos (Ret)
Orange County Chapter
President 2019

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