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Members of the Executive Board have committed to attend the National ABOTA conference in Avon, CO on 8/3-4 and the Cal-ABOTA conference in Squaw Valley, CA on 8/25. As is the case for all conferences and events, these dedicated board members pay their own way.

Our chapter has a Rapid Response Team which addresses unfair criticism of judicial officers that occasionally arises. The RRT intercedes of behalf of judicial officers who cannot reply to public/press attack because of ethical constraints which prohibit comment about legal matters before them. The RRT does not take sides on the specific legal issue; but rather emphasizes the need to safeguard an independent judiciary to preserve the rule of law, and thereby avoid decisions based on which way the political wind is blowing or who can make the loudest noise.

The Civility Matters team is presenting its program to first year students at Chapman Law and UCI Law in September. We are still waiting to hear back from Western State. Sean Burke chairs this program.

In 2015, the OC Chapter made a $50,000 contribution commitment (paid over 10 years) to the ABOTA Foundation. We recently paid this year's pledge. We also need to increase our membership participation in the Foundation. Our Foundation Fundraiser is scheduled for 9/13 at 6 PM. Details to follow shortly. This event is chaired by Mark Robinson and Doug DeGrave.

The Post-Grad Fellowship Program takes a breather this month as the six participants recover from taking the bar exam. The program begins in September with one month with a defense firm, followed in October with one month with a plaintiff firm and concluding in November with one month with an Orange County Superior Court judge. Eric Traut, Deb Tropp and Ed Leonard chair this program.

The Teachers Law School is set for 10/2. Plans with the Orange County Department of Education are being firmed up. Judge Linda Marks chairs this event.

Mark your calendars for our annual Judges Night on 10/17 at the Pacific Club and the Holiday Party on 12/3 at Muldoon's.

If you know and can recommend any prospects for consideration to join our chapter, please reach out to our membership chair, Bill Haggerty, or any board member.We are always looking to diversify our membership. We also encourage those interested in joining the board for years to come to also let us know of your interest to serve. Get involved in the best ABOTA chapter in the country.

Mike Strickroth
OC ABOTA President 2018

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