CAL-ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year - Christopher Wesierski (2017 Nominee)
National Vice President - Michael Maguire - 2017
National Foundation Trustee - Doug DeGrave - 2017

CAL-ABOTA - Treasurer 2017 - Christopher Wesierski


Joseph D. McNeil Civility Award - Eric V. Traut

Trial Lawyer of the Year - Thomas G. Wianecki
Judge of the Year - Hon. Peter Wilson

George Francis Civility Award - Hon. James Crandall

Clerk of the Year - Alma Bovard

As members are recognized for their efforts to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, and civility in the legal profession, please let us know so we can add that recognition to our website. 


Clerk of the Year George Francis Civility Award Judge of the Year
Alma Bovard James Crandell Hon. Peter Wilson
Alma Bovard Hon. James Crandall Hon. Peter Wilson

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